Peacock Ball Gown for Dogs


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Please note this gown is not for sale, but is available to order in custom sizes and colours. If you wish to purchase The Furdrobe Peacock Ballgown you will need to do so at least 6 - 12 months in advance.


The Peacock Ball Gown was inspired by my lifelong love of peacocks, especially white ones. With no time nor expense spared the objective was to fuse my love of peacocks, fine silks and Swarovski crystals to create the world’s most beautiful ball gown.... but for a dog.

This creation blends Swarovski crystals with beautiful white James Hare pure silk satin and silk organza, with around 40,000 hand applied official Swarovski elements crystals. Spectacularly the rounded hem is two metres in length whilst underneath there is a detachable double layered silk organza petticoat. Around six metres of silks went into this labour of love that took about 900 hours work over four months.

Personally I think the jewel in the crown is the solid crystal bodice. Inspiration was taken from the fan-like feather pattern on a peacock's body. Completing this design took about one month using around 15,000 tiny Swarovski crystals.

Upon the skirt there are thirteen hand-applied peacock tail feathers positioned to make a fan shape. Each feather is designed with around 1,200 Swarovski crystals and each one took a day to complete.

Completing this gown are about 10,000 crystals, scattered over the entire skirt.  There are over thirty different subtle shades and sizes of Swarovski crystals on this unique piece and we will never do this colour combination again.

Please do get in touch via email if you would like us to make a Peacock Ball Gown for you. We will do an exclusive bespoke version in the silk colours and crystals of your preference and your pet’s specifications. We offer a complimentary Skype consultation anywhere in the world.

Ideally you will need to order this ball gown at least 6 months in advance.

The Peacock Ballgown is officially The World's most Expensive ballgown for a dog and has featured on the programme The World's Most Expensive Presents on Channel 4. It has also appeared on the BBC news and in all the national papers in the U.K. After the show aired we were also asked to feature in the very exclusive Billionaire Magazine.

The programme is going out to over 80 countries and we believe it will then be the most famous dog dress ever created.