The Monarch VVIP in Gold


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In honour of her Majesty The Queen we have renamed our most popular VIP ***“The Monarch”*** to celebrate her being the first British Monarch to ever have a Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70 years of service.


The Monarch Gold VVIP (Very VERY Important Pet) is the most decadent bow that we have ever created at Furdrobe. The vintage silk is woven with real gold and this bow is extraordinarily photogenic. Each of these VVIP‘S are completely unique as we use a different part of the whole picture from the Obi. 

Each design is decorated with hundreds of luxury European crystals in two of the most spectacular. Here the Aurora Borealis are encased in gold fames for decadence and maximum sparkle. The luxury European crystals nearly always have a foil back that reflects the cuts and colours of the crystal back on itself. But this crystal transmission is unique as it has a clear back. Like a chameleon it means that no matter what the colour of the fabric is, it transmits through, so in this case they look gold.  The centre of the bow is decorated with an enormous Luxury European crystal in a rich fancy out Oval 

Only a very limited amount of these will ever be made as each one is totally unique. It’s made out of a very rich real gold Japanese vintage Obi silk with a beautiful Japanese design on it. So only small jackets and bows can ever be made.  We purchased this gold silk through a collector and dealer of vintage Japanese silk. They told us that it was worn by a very important person in Japan and had previously been on display in an exhibition. Hopefully the original owner loved dogs as much as we do. 

Designed for the very discerning client who wants only the very finest clothes for their pet. Seeing is believing with these bows and guarantees that they’re going to guarantee to sparkle in one of these Furdrobe creations. 

Please note the bows in the photographs have already been sold and will differ in design to your own. 

Seen here worn by Delilah, Romeo and Reggie. Delilah is a top Furdrobe model from Palm Beach, Florida and is also the newly married wife of Romeo. We called Romeo and Reggie our  “Kings of Kent” a pair of Kentish brothers who are of super snappy dressers, Please check out Instagram to find out more about their adventures. 

It take around two days to complete making one of these and are solely handmade in England by The Fairy DogMother. 

The VVIP is slightly larger than our standard VIP, Approximately 13cm x 9cm

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