Luxury Furdrobe Medium Gift Box


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 ****Please note bow tie not included***

Our new Furdrobe presentation gift boxes are very special indeed. Embossed with our Furdrobe logo and lined in opulent swags of white satin. Like our VIP bows they are hand-made in England. The boxes are a piece of art within their own right and perfectly compliment our bows. 

These fine hand-made boxes are made by a company in England with exceptional credentials. They have designed and made boxes for the most luxurious brands in the U.K and internationally. Ending up in the hands and homes of the highest of society clientele.

We are absolutely thrilled to have worked with them in the past year to create these sensational boxes. The first box we commissioned was for the Peacock Ballgown and it's been a dream come true to now be able to have these boxes made for our bow too.

These boxes represent that a real milestone has been accomplished at Furdrobe in 2023.