Hydrangea Geode Bow, Blue, Grand


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Our newest ****Limited Edition**** VIP bow was inspired by our love of hydrangeas and geodes. The Fairy Dog-Mother's vision was to combine two wonderful and distinct marvels of nature and combine them together. The result is this stunning and truly unique Furdrobe VIP bow. The Hydrangea Geode bow was such a joy to create that we have made it in four sizes and two colour combinations. 

This luxury bow is made from James Hare Wedgewood blue 100% Orissa silk and the back is in a darker blue, this reflects the range of shades found in the petals. The outer bow is decorated with a delicate formation of hydrangea style crystals in neat rows, blue opal, crystollite green and white opal. Individually applied by hand in an orderly pattern using these different shades .

Whereas the inner is just like the breathtaking inside of a mysterious geode rock crystal. The result is this spectacular bow. Inside the concave part of the bow is hand-painted silk in violet in a clustered crystal design that creates this organic look in Tanzatine Shimmer and Crystal Transmission AB.

The grand bow has a Paradise Shine XL emerald cut fancy crystal. Behind is a loop that will slip onto a medium collar.