Hydrangea Ballgown


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The Hydrangea Ballgown has been designed, created and made by hand in England by Furdrobe. Known for creating the most luxurious and decadent dog clothes and accessories. Furdrobe was first launched in December 2017 on channel 4, The World’s Most Expensive Presents and has been shown in over 80 countries Worldwide. The Peacock Ballgown was our first piece and was shown on the BBC news and all the British newspapers. Furdrobe is the only Cannine Couturier ever to have asked to featured in the exclusive Billionaires Magazine. 

The Hydrangea Ballgown is made from a 100% pure changeant shantung silk in Ice Lilac. The colour gets its name from the two way colour weft and weave in lilac and white which gives off an irridesent appearance much like a pearl. 
The Ballgown’s bodice is the Furdrobe classic side fastening with Paradise Shine buttons and a wrap around neck which also fastens to the side with a hidden magnet to attaches ingeniously to the bodice. The solid crystal design is a signature style of our Super-Ballgowns. It is made with a Hydrangea colour pallet of the highest quality European crystals in Delite and Opals. Each crystal is individually applied by hand to create a unique Hydrangea inspired pattern. 
The skirt has around 1000 hydrangea flowers made from a genuine vintage silk which was originally purchased in the 1950’s, of which we have the original receipt. The silk flowers have all handpainted in England using multiple tones of Hydrangeas blues, lilacs, pinks and pearl in an iridescent silk paint. Then hand shaped in the traditional way using a Japanese heated silk flower making tools. Every single flower is unique and took around a month to apply. Each Hydrangea flower is adorned with a Paradise Shine sew-on crystal.  
Other features of the skirt are a variety of different scattered size Crystal Transmission, which is a Crystal without a foil backing, so that the colour of the silks transmits through the Aurora Borealis crystal coating, giving off a phenomenal sparkle unique to this gown. Again, all individually applied by hand. Finishing the Ballgown is a three colour ostrich feather trim hand-dyed to perfection in England. 
Creating ballgowns for dogs it’s the real passion of our creative director Rachelle, known fondly as the Furdobe Fairy DogMother. It took over 600 hours to complete and as with all our Ballgowns is a one off. We will only ever make it in future on request in a clients custom colours silks and crystals to guarantee exclusivity.