The Peacock Gown

The inspiration for this ball gown comes from my lifelong love of peacocks, especially white ones. The aim was to translate that into creating the world’s most beautiful ball gown for a dog, made with no time nor expense spared. Our philosophy is that if it were on a person, it would still be a thing of beauty. Not fancy dress costumes for dogs, just very refined fancy dresses.

This creation fuses beautiful James Hare white heavy crepe backed, pure silk satin with silk organza. With around 40,000 hand applied official Swarovski elements crystals this really was a labour of love that took about 1,000 hours work over four months. There are over thirty different subtle shades and sizes of Swarvoski crystals on this unique piece.

The Peacock gown is a one off because we will never do this colour combination  at Furdrobe again . But a version of it can be made in colours and crystals of a client’s preference and your pet’s specifications. You will need to order at least 6 months in advance. 

FOR SALE - £40,000

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