Sakura Love wedding gown


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************This wedding gown no longer available but we can make in any custom colour and crystal combination.  You will need to book well in advance to be able to get one of these creations made. This gown took around three months to complete. Usually there is a 6-12 months waiting list. Please email Leah Barnett to arrange a consultation via Skype with our creative director Rachelle Fawcett (The Furdrobe Fairy DogMother) ********


The Sakura Crystal wedding gown is Furdrobe at its finest. Made with ivory metallic silk and adorned with thousands of luxury European crystals in Aurora Borealis. 

The Japanese cherry blossom tree was the inspiration for this Sakura gown. It has an enormous tree shaped skirt design with a massive 4 meter hemline trimmed with perfectly dye matched Maribor feather trim. This is by far the largest gown we have made so far.

The design is actually of a cherry blossom tree, the trunk and branches are all hand beaded with thousands of luxury European beads in two different shapes and sizes in either crystal or Aurora Borealis. Around the edge of the skirt are cherry blossoms made out of oval sew ones in white patina effect and finished with a luxury European crystal fuchsia blossom shaped bead. This design is repeated in three different stone sizes to get a beautifully unique organic pattern. The rest of the tree is made out of thousands and thousands of individually applied luxury European crystals in Aurora Borealis in a cherry blossom design. Many of the centers are beaded and others are finished off with a large fuchsia coloured crystal.

The bodice is a design of the large, medium and small luxury European crystals in white patina effect crystals, to create a blossom cluster. Surrounding this is a heart shaped frame in  Aurora Borealis. The buttons are also heart shaped. We absolutely love the patina effect and it feature heavily throughout the whole collection. We do tutu sets and organza bows with White Patina on them. on a Surrounded by a heart shape in Aurora Borealis. 

To complete this gown are two huge handcrafted silk and full European crystal butterflies, all made in beautiful flam cut Aurora Borealis The pair of butterflies are as unique as the dogs who’s wedding it was created for.  

Creating the ballgowns is the absolute highlight of our Furdrobe 2020 collection. Our doggy ballgowns are the creme de la creme of couture fashion for dogs. You can not get any more decadent than a Furdrobe ballgown. In fact this Gown supersedes our original Peacock Gown that launched Furdrobe. 


This Furdrobe gown has been independently and officially valued At £55,000  In fact this Gown actually supersedes our original Peacock Gown valued at £40,000 that was seen internationally on TV, BBC news,  newspapers and magazines.

This Sakura Wedding Gown is now officially The World’s Most Expensive dog gown.