Belle Prelle Dog Gown

  • £3,190.00

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Belle Prelle is a unique and sophisticated feminine evening gown for dogs. The striking skirt is made from an exquisite heavy weight silk damask from Prelle, and the fancy dress silk bodice from a smooth ivory silk. A smaller design on the upper bodice echoes the skirt's detailed flowers and is made with Swarovski crystals. Decorated with scattered handmade silk butterflies and bejeweled with hand-applied official Swarovski elements crystals. 

The skirt retains its shape and stays puffed up beautifully due to the structure of the internal underskirt. Fastens on the side of the bodice with Swarovski buttons. The wraparound neck fastening has an internal invisible magnetic catch which attaches to the bodice.

Working with Prelle silk has been a privilege as they really are synonymous with beautiful silks. They also made the original silk fabric for Mary Antoinette's private rooms in Versailles. Prelle are one of the few hand-weaving silk producers left in France. Some of their fabrics can take months to weave and cost over £5,000 a metre. We are sure Mary Antoinette would be delighted to know that 250 years later dogs would be dressed in such fine silks.

Key Features

  • Prelle French silk.
  • Swarovski crystals.
  • Unique.
  • Handmade in England
  • Indoor use only.
  • Do not wash.
  • Special occasional use