A Midsummer Night's Dream - Queen Titania Ball Gown


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Made to order, shipped in 6-8 weeks. 

Inspired by Queen Titania, the Queen of the fairies, this whimsical dress has been created from metallic silk organza with a silk dupion bodice. 

Perfect for wearing at the red carpet events.  The skirt has 4 layers, finished with French hand-rolled wavy hems. The 2 upper layers are made from coral metallic organza and have been scattered with transmission AB crystals so that the peach colour of the fabric can be picked up and transmitted through the clear backed crystals. The bottom 2 layers are made from dusky pink metallic silk organza. This skirt design echos the petals of a flowers.

Our bodice design is based around the Shakespearean magical forest fairy flowers and contains large pear-shaped  sew-on stones in the beautiful Sapphire Shimmer finish. Three butterflies fly away from the solid crystal work of the floral horizon. The large butterfly has a fancy navette stone for the body which echos the butterfly accessories we have created for this range.

The necktie forms a bow around the neck which is made up of the organza metallic silk peach with the tips decorated with transmission crystals to give a lovely sparkly tip. 

Completing this ballgown are 2 handmade silk and crystal dragonflies. The silk is a hot pink metallic silk and the dragonfly design is done with an array of pearls, AB crystals, fuchsia shimmer. Whereas the tail of the dragonfly is made from large AB crystals.

Unlike some of our other ball gowns which are more suitable for carrying your pet, this ball gown was made to walk the red carpet as the skirt is light and flowing - but do bear in mind that the bodice has a very solid crystal design which is quite heavy!