The Imperial Black Collection AW18

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~ Black makes everything look so elegant and classy ~

Inspired by a vision of a little dog on the impressive staircase at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, Rachelle Fawcett, the creative director of Furdrobe is proud to bring to you the doggy fashion collection - The Imperial Black for AW18. Befitting Furdrobe’s signature of luxury and excess for dog wear, this range is designed with pure sophistication and glamour in mind.

The Imperial Black collection has been created from the finest silks from James Hare and has been adorned with carefully selected official Swarovski elements crystals. Brand new garments have been added for the winter months so your favourite pooch can now be dressed in irresistible jumpers which have been hand knitted from merino, cashmere and cotton. For the high profile dogs who attend red carpet events or dogs belonging to royalty who get that red carpet treatment every day of their lives there is none other than the pinnacle of canine couture glamour - The Imperial Black Gown.

The Imperial Black Gown

Handmade over a 100 hour making process, the Imperial Black Gown is the real showstopper of the collection and is the epitome of all-out glamour and shine. This gown is made from James Hare’s Imperial Silk in black, 5 ply ostrich feather trim and decadently encrusted with hand applied official Swarovski elements crystals for true statement sparkle and shine. Nine beautifully hand crafted butterflies embellish this dress, each created with a pure silk back and dozens of Swarovski crystals.

The sweeping skirt is made with three layers of sumptuous pure silk organza, the top layer creating flare and volume for dramatic effect. The Swarovski crystals are based on four precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Fire opal and majestic blue been added to add an extra dimension to the colour pallet. Each and every crystal has been painstakingly hand applied one by one with meticulous attention to detail. The bodice has Furdrobe’s classic side fastening design and is designed with a crystal trellis, with the main stones placed on the top of the central shape.

For more information on the Imperial Black Gown for Dogs click here.

Imperial Black Dog Tutus

There are two spectacular tutus in this collection - both have been created with very fine mesh James Hare 100% silk tulle and bejewelled with Swarovski transmission crystals. Firstly, a mid length tutu made from pure French silk with a train and an Imperial Silk waistband (modelled by dog supermodel Molly).

Molly In Tutu

Secondly, a mini length tutu for a fun ra-ra look which has design echos from the Imperial Black Gown (modelled by Furdrobe’s Ambassador, the very glamorous Aggie, a maltese terrier based in New York City).

Aggie Tutu


Glamorous Knitwear for Dogs

What AW collection would be complete without knitwear? For the first time, Furdrobe are releasing knitwear designs in the Imperial Black collection. There are three styles of knitted dog dresses. These dresses are based on a three tier system for the ladies: Sophisticated (cotton), Glamorous (merino) and VIP (cashmere). For the boys, we have a dashing cashmere knitted waistcoat complete with sparkling Swarovski buttons.

Furdrobe Sweater

Cotton Jumper

Cashmere Waistcost

Bow Ties

The Imperial Black dog bow ties are made from the classic Imperial silk from James Hare and adorned with official Swarovski elements crystals. They are perfect for black tie events and parties when you want your dog to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. The VIP black bow ties are for the dogs who get spoilt the most. The Oligarch bow tie is one cut above the VIP bow ties which have hundreds of tiny hand applied crystals.

VIP Bow Tie

Oligarch Bow Ties

Imperial Black, Imperial Red, Imperial Pink, Imperial Whatever You Think!

At Furdrobe, our top priority is to create beautiful designs and we just love it when our customers want to get involved! So even though this range is black, we can create the items in any colour you want! Just message us via the forms at the bottom of the product page with your requirements.

Click here to view the entire Imperial Black collection.

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