Lovebug - Luxury Valentine's Gifts for Dogs

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At Furdrobe, we know that Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without your dog. So we bring to you, the dazzling new Valentine’s Collection, Lovebug!

Depending on what side of the Atlantic you’re on, those charming little red and black beetles are either known as ladybirds or ladybugs. But wherever you are, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this charming collection. Created from 100% James Hare silks and the sparkliest Swarovski crystals, these luxury Valentine’s gifts for dogs will get those tails wagging!
Furdrobe’s creative director, Rachelle Fawcet based this special Valentine’s collection on her lifelong love for ladybirds. From searching for ladybirds during her lunchtimes at infant school to reading ladybird books and buying chocolate ladybirds from the local garage with her pocket money, Rachelle’s love of ladybirds has never waned.

The Lovebug collection has a crystal palette of multiple tones of Swarovski reds and blacks. All products have been lovingly created in pairs; where there is a red version, there is a black version of the same item.

Our fabulous crystal fairy has been hard at work sourcing the most beautiful crystals. For the first time, we are using a round Swarovski fancy cut in our bows. We are also featuring a shimmering Preciosa green peacock black crystal in the black silk bubble bows. The Lovebug collection wouldn’t be complete without some glittery black and red tutus, which are also available in an extra-long length for larger dogs!

We have also recruited a new yarn fairy, who has created a bunch of super-cute crochet ladybirds made from hand-dyed silk, dyed exclusively in the UK for this collection. Naturally, these are adorned with shimmering Swarovski sparkles and are available with barette hair clips or crocodile clips as single bugs or as a pair for ‘mummy and me’.

What better way to show your dog that you love them with a sparkly Valentine’s gift? We hope that you love the Lovebug collection as much as we loved creating it. Shop the Lovebug collection here.

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