How to throw a party for your dog.

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Parties for people's favourite furry little friends are growing in popularity - well, why wouldn't you want to celebrate your dog's birthday or adoption date? If you are thinking about throwing a party for your dog, here are a few things you may want to consider: 

Who are you going to invite?

Is your pup going to take centre stage or are you going to invite a whole pack? Everyone enjoys a big party but think of the logistics a little bit - if your dog is a little shy and is not used to being around too many dogs, have a smaller party and make sure that you invite dogs who already know each other and you know that they get on well. Most importantly make sure that the dog's owner stays so that the dog feels comfortable. It can also be difficult to keep track of a large number of dogs so make sure that you have a good human to dog ratio. Likewise if you are planning on inviting children, make sure that there are a good number of responsible adults for to help you with supervision to avoid stress and any nasty nips!

Where are you going to have the party?

Are you going to have the party inside or outside? Whichever you decide obviously make sure that everything is dog friendly! For example, if you are going to hold the party outside, choose a location which has fencing, you don't want any accidents on the road. Make sure the area has shady spots and that you have lots of water bowls dotted about the area. 

Party outfits for dogs.

Who doesn't want a party where you can throw on your finery and strut your stuff like and A-lister? As with all parties, you will want to look your best and you will want your pooch to look amazing too! There are so many factors to take into consideration - are you going for a sophisticated red carpet style event for your dog or are you going to have a party with quiet, understated glamour?

If you are going for a red carpet, glitzy affair why not go for something spectacular like our Starry Night Dog Dress and let your pet take centre stage. Click here for more details.

For a more understated yet glamorous party how about a cocktail style dress for dogs. Our Queen Bee dress would fit the bill perfectly. Due to a high demand we are currently sold out of this style, but we can make a special one just for your dog! Click here for more details.

If your dog doesn't feel comfortable in a dress we recommend one of our dazzling bow ties - just pop it on around the neck and off they go! Ollie the Sock Thief shows us how! 

Click here to view our fabulous collection of bow ties!

Food, food, FOOD!

What's a party without food and cake?! There are hundreds of fantastic recipes on the internet for dog friendly cakes, but we love The Dogs Cake Bakery based in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex which provides doggy cakes with the real yum-factor! Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure that you ask the invitees if their dog has any dietary requirements and always make sure that you know EXACTLY what is in the cake!

We hope you have fun at your dog's party! 

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