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Bow-wow WOW! Bow ties have become the absolute must-have fashion accessories for dogs. From the dainty to the oversized, bow ties have been seen adorning the necks of the most stylish pooches with a discerning fashion sense at red carpet events, parties, weddings, galas and fashion shows. Bow ties are sophisticated, utterly adorable and most importantly, easy to wear - tres chic!

Here at Furdrobe, we are proud to present our new luxury dog bow tie range. Our bow ties are handmade from the finest dupion silks with hand applied official Swarovski elements crystals and can be made in any colour combination. We can also make matching or contrasting bow times for doggy owners so you can both step out in complementing style. Our bow ties come in a range of bow sizes and styles: 

Mini dog bow ties.

Our mini bow tie range comes with a bow size of 11cm x 6cm. These gorgeous little bows are perfect for any occasion such as dog tea parties and other formal events. They are a simple way to jazz up your pet whatever the weather. This range is perfect for teacup breeds, toy dogs and puppies. They can even look good on larger dogs if you want to add a discreet splash of colour. 

Small dog bow ties.

Our small dog bow tie range comes with a bow size of 14cm x 8cm. These are the perfect bow ties if your dog is attending a wedding, primarily suiting chihuahuas, pomeranians and yorkie type breeds. This small size can even look great on a teacup dog if you want a more oversized bow and look great on dachshunds without the bow looking like it is too low to the floor. 

Medium dog bow ties.

Our medium bow tie range comes with a bow size of 17cm x 12cm. This range is excellent for nights out where you want a little bit more. These suit the more fluffy dog breeds like a pomeranian as they nestle well into their furry necks without the bow tie being obscured. They are most suited to dogs with thicker necks like pugs (who always look dapper in bow ties!). Medium sized dogs like labradors tend to suit the medium sized bow ties upwards.

Large dog bow ties.

Our large bow tie range comes with a bow size of 19 x 14cm. This range offers real dramatic statement pieces for toy dogs and medium to large dogs. If you have a small dog with a large personality then this is definitely the size for them! It looks extremely stylish when worn on the side of the face and is perfect for nights out on the town with your best friend. 

Twin set dog bow ties.

Our twin sets can be made up in any size listed above. If you are lucky enough to have two furry best friends, we offer a colour contrasting pair of bow ties in dupion silks if you want them to compliment each other but don’t want them to dress exactly the same. If you want a twin set for you and your dog so you can both step in style we can create one for you too! 

Bejewelled dog bow ties.

Our bejewelled doggy bow ties can be made up in any size listed above. If your dog has a big personality, craves attention and adores being in the limelight, this is the range for him/her. This is our most elaborate bow tie range made from dupion silks and decorated with large and small official Swarovski elements crystals. They are perfect for special occasions such as your dog’s birthday party or if you want your pet to dazzle at a red carpet event. These are designed with maximum sparkle for maximum style impact.

Click here to view our entire range of dog bow ties. 

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