Are You And Your Dog Royal Wedding Ready?

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In case you haven't heard, Prince Harry is marrying Megan Markle at Saint George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on the 19th May! At Furdrobe, we have been busy with clients getting their dogs ready for the Royal Wedding festivities and have been working hard on creating party dresses and bow ties so their dogs can look regal and sparkly for their parties. Are you and your dog Royal Wedding ready? 

With the wedding fast approaching, I thought this would be a great time to have a little look at royal dogs throughout history. 

Royal families throughout Europe have always had a close affinity with their dogs. So much so that dog breeds have even been named after them, for example, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was aptly named after King Charles II as they were his favourite companions. He was so fond of his dogs that it has been rumoured that he had decreed that they were allowed to enter any house in Britain. Even bi coloured dogs in chestnut and white are called Blenheim, after the Duke of Marlborough kept them for hunting at Blenheim Palace. 

Mary Antionette loved her dogs so much she would have official portraits of herself with her little lapdogs. Coco was her favourite lapdog who outlived her to a grand old age of 22 years. At the sound of the guillotine Coco apparently howled and couldn't be coaxed away from the last place they had been together. Coco was buried close to her owner's grave years later.

Queen Victoria, was 13 years old when she was given her first dog Dash, a King Charles Spaniel who lived for 10 years. When she first met Albert their mutual love of dogs was one of the things that first bonded the couple together. In fact Alfred arrived in England to marry her with his greyhound Eos and they even took him on their honeymoon. Victoria always kept the company of dogs and had hundreds during her lifetime. Dash was buried at Windsor, his grave marked with a memorial stone.

Our current Queen Elizabeth II was given a corgi for her 18th birthday, who she named Suzie, since then she has never been far from her beloved Pembroke Corgis. For over 70 years the Queen's corgis have been a constant source of company and joy for her. From her first dog Suzie, every dog she has had has been a direct descendant. 

For any pooch wanting to look extra smart on the day, any of our bow ties will be suitable for the occasion. For the girls a pretty party dress or maybe even a ballgown if your dog is feeling very Royal.

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