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When you are organising the invitations for your wedding, don't forget that more and more people are now extending their invites to their most im-paw-tant friends - their pooches! Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to get some super cute photos, so your dog needs to be dressed appropriately! We were very excited at Furdrobe HQ to have created a stunning dog gown for the Instagram celebrity, Tiny Toy Gia for the wedding celebration of her mom, Mia. Gia was kind enough to take some time out of her hectic fashionista schedule to participate in an interview with us:

Congratulations on you paw-rent's getting married!  Did you enjoy the wedding? 

Thank you so much! During the wedding, Mommy had me stay with the babysitter. I got to attend all of the other events though leading up to the wedding! It was so much fun getting to play with so many people and also getting so many scratches hehe! 

Were you there when daddy proposed to mummy?

My Daddy proposed to my Mommy at the top of a mountain next to the infamous
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We hiked up the mountain together with my Mommy carrying me, because it was steep and windy. At the top of the mountain there were only a very few people, one of them being the undercover photographer my Daddy had hired.

Were you excited when you first saw the wedding gown that you wore for your Mommy’s bridal shoot?

YES! The dress is beyond stunning and we will cherish it forever! The custom fit is perfect! The premium fabrics used, the Swarovski crystal butterfly design and the fur-trimmed train made the dress truly spectacular. I felt like a little princess wearing it at my Mommy’s bridal shoot hehe! It made the day even more special!

Were you involved in the wedding planning at all?

My Mommy planned her wedding herself, only having a day of coordinator to take over the day of her wedding. BUT I did have a hand in making sure we over ordered on the catering, so I could have extra treaties!

What was the most memorable thing about the wedding day for you?

Seeing my Mommy and Daddy come back to our beachfront hotel after they got out of their “Just Married” vintage getaway car! Seeing how happy they were was really special.

Did you get any comments on the outfit you were wearing?

YES! Everypawdy is breathless when they see my gown in person! They see the beautiful craftsmanship up close and are amazed!​

You and mummy looked beautiful in your dresses. Where was her dress from?

Thank you so much! My Mommy got her dress in Atlanta, GA from this pawmazing bridal boutique called Winnie Couture. When they were serving us champagne upon our arrival for our bridal gown appointment, we were already hooked hehe!

How does it feel to be an Instagram celebrity?

We’re just blessed to have met so many furiends all around the world!

Have you got any upcoming projects? What are you up to next?

We have a big project up our sleeves that we’ve been working on and will be
announcing in a few months!

*All photos by Mia. Follow @tinytoygia on Instagram here!

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