Primroses and Violets | Silk Reversible Bow Tie | Small | Heart Crystal

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Our Primroses & Violet  Furdrobe silk Spring bow tie is fully reversible so that you can get two different looks out of one bow.
To change the colour, simply hold the central crystal with one hand and twist the bow with the other. Please note we recommend that this can NOT be done whilst on the collar.

One side is a beautiful lilac silk with  new 2032 Swarovski crystals in Electric Yellow Delite Whilst the other side is a primrose yellow coloured silk with “Electric Violet Delite” SS34 Swarovski hotfix crystals. To finish this stunning silk bow is a  Smokey Mauve Swarovski heart crystal which is about 19mm x 17mm. also available with a fancy cut white opals. See separate listing 

Bow tie size:
10cm x 6cm.

This bow simply slips over a small 1cm (1/2”) collar and is suitable for everyday wear, when you just want to add a little extra glamour to your day. If you require a larger loop for larger collars, let us know and we will make at no extra charge. 

All of our products are designed and made exclusively by Furdrobe. Always handmade with love by The Fairy DogMother and her magical bow fairies. We can guarantee that every product contains a genuine Swarovski element crystal, as we only purchase our crystals through the official U.K. Swarovski Wholesaler. 

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