Sakura large silk dog butterfly bow in emerald green

Sakura large silk dog butterfly bow in emerald green

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****BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL, RRP usually £185****

Our Sakura silk and Swarovski butterfly bows are in a word, spectacular. Each one is a little piece of art within its own rights, that just happens to be a dog bow. Seen here in a large size in the dramatic emerald green metallic. The Furdrobe design is totally unique as it’s pinched in a certain way to actually train the silk to create concave patterns that form the shape of butterfly wings. This shape is then decorated with a continuous flow of Swarovski white opals so that the butterfly design is highlighted. Each Crystal is individually applied, making every bow unique. The central loop is decorated with a mysterious Swarovski gold patina effect crystal in an oval sew-on.

Seeing is truly believing with these bows, the classic pairing of the finest silk and Swarovski that Furdrobe is known so well to do. Please watch the video to see the craftsmanship in its creation. 

Available in a choice of four metallic silks, this gold, purple, pink and emerald green. Comes in two sizes, a small which measures 10cm x 9cm (4” x 3.5”), the large being 16cm x 14cm (6.5” x 5.5”).

These stunning bows have been designed and made by a very talented young ghost designer who has been working closely with us on this collection. We want to be able to give them credit for all their amazing designs, skills and dedication to the Sakura collection. The person wishes to remain anonymous for the moment and doesn’t want to be given individual credit but rather prefers to have created under the Furdrobe brand. We really do feel this says so much about their character and ability to be part of a team on a very fundamental level. The foundations of Furdrobe are deeply routed with the talent, skill, love and support from everyone who works with us.

So thank you ghost designer, we really couldn’t have done this collection without you.

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