Tiffany Dreams | Silk Reversible Bow Tie | Ivory/Tiffany | Large

  • £160.00

…. The large sizeTiffany blue is now fully sold out. It is still available in a Tiffany blue small size.

Our Tiffany Dream luxury medium silk bow is made out of James Hare 100% silk dupion and silk taffeta. One side is a pastel tiffany silk with large white opals whilst the other side is an ivory taffeta silk with beautiful aquamarine scatter crystals.  The center is finished with an AB emerald crystal for maximum sparkle all day long. 

This ingenious Furdrobe design means it is fully reversible so that you can get two different looks out of one bow. To change the colour, simply hold the central crystal with one hand and twist the bow with the other. Please note we recommend that this can NOT be done whilst on the collar.

This bow simply slips over a small 1cm (1/2”) collar and is suitable for everyday wear, when you just want to add a little extra glamour to your day. If you require a larger loop for larger collars, let us know and we will make at no extra charge. 

All our products are handmade with love by The Fairy DogMother and her magical bow fairies and designed exclusively by Furdrobe. We have fairies searching the whole world to find the most beautiful crystals for our designs….. Because at Furdrobe we believe every pet deserves to sparkle. 🧚🏻‍♀️

The vast majority of our products contain luxury crystals which for legal reasons we are no longer allowed to use their brand name in our descriptions. Nor are we allowed to state what country they are manufactured in.                  


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