BCA hot pink VIP Petite

  • £425.00

50% of all profits of our BCA products this month, go to Cancer Research UK.

Our furdrobe BCA VIP Petit for 2020 is possibly the most playful VIP we have ever done! The large round Swarovski crystals in Xirus cut come in a whole array of shades of pink. The whole random bubble effect design makes every one of these VIP’s unique in their own way. The metallic silk used on the front has a pink-peach look about it and it colour matches so well with some of the new Swarovski delite effects.

When we first set our eyes on these beauties it was a love at first sight. The pinks in this range are other worldly and immediately we knew they had to be used in our latest designs.  Some people have said these bows look like candyfloss or pink popcorn.  We think the new Swarovskis pink delite looks more like an “electric blancmange”, pink, sweet and alluring.

Every October on Instagram we love to promote BCA, which stands for “Breast Cancer Awareness”. We will also be giving 50% of all profits to Cancer Research UK. 
The VIP petites are a smaller version of our standard medium size VIP, designed for a more petite dog these measure just 11cm x 7cm or in US inches, 4 1/2” x 2 1/2”.



To encourage our Furdrobe family on IG to promote this worthy cause, we are giving away one of these VIP in the larger size to our followers. To enter, all you have to do is take the photo of the bow, add it onto your dog, so it looks like they are wearing it. Do a post about BCA. Please tag #furdrobe and most importantly our #furdrobethinkspink.

Only the people who do a post this month using our #furdrobethinkspink will then be able to enter the giveaway on the last weekend of October. We will encourage people to tag friends with “I think pink”.  All the names will be put into a hat and the winner gets one of these VIPs. So as long as your friends have replied and follow us, then one of them will receive this VIP petite. 

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