Hydrangea Monarch Bow, Handpainted, Petite


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Our Furdrobe VIP Hydrangea Monarch is made from a genuine 100% vintage silk purchased in 1956! Every bow is unique as the silk has all been hand-painted in a Hydrangea style with silk paints by the Fairy Dog-Mother in England. All our creations are handmade with love by our fabulous Furdrobe Fairies. 

Our Crystal Hunting Fairy found these stunning Oval fancy cut center stones in Paradise Shine, a crystal colour that sadly is no longer in production. You really have to be able to see them in real life to understand the magical quality and the range of tones that they reflect. We could not have found a more perfect crystal to complement our Hydrangea colour pallet. 

The edges of this VIP Monarch are the classic Aurora Borealis emerald cuts in hotfix. Whereas the center small crystals are the Crystal Transmission we frequently use is our creations. This is a wonderful example of utilizing this type of crystal as they don’t have a foil backing. Instead they transmit the multi lilac tones of the painted silk underneath giving a spectacular sparkly effect.

The back of the bow and loop are made from a layer of Changeant 100% shot silk. This type of silk has one colour in the weave and another one in the weft which creates a more luxurious and pearlescent effect. The same limited edition silk we have used in our new Hydrangea Ballgown.

We spend a long time sourcing all our silks so that every product is unique to us. Our crystals are always made in Europe so we guarantee all of our creations are the finest….

Because at Furdrobe we believe every pet deserves to sparkle ✨