King Midas Real Gold Monarch Bow, Medium, Gold


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Our new King Midas Monarch really does deserve its title, as it is actually made of real gold! In fact this bow was the inspiration for the whole collection. This gold version is the best of the best, as even all the AB crystals have gold frames too! The center is adorned with an XL Emerald fancy cut crystal in Golden Shadow and the edges of the bow are also decorated with small emerald Golden Shadow. This is the ultimate piece if you collect our Furdrobe bows. 

The spectacular silk used to create the King Midas Monarch bow is made from a Japanese Vintage silk Obi and it has a real rich gold thread woven into the design. Initially we only bought half the Obi from a vintage silk dealer as she wanted to keep the other half for her own collection. Earlier this year she was so kind to sell us the other half, as she really does love dogs as much as we do.

The Obi itself has had its own special journey and had been worn by a VIP in Japan and had previously been shown in an exhibition. The silk literally tells its own story throughout the design. Every bow is unique as it is cut from a different part of the Obi, so everyone can treasure their own part of the story.

Bow size 15cm x 10cm 6” x 4”

***The King Midas Monarch bow comes with its own very special box embossed with the Furdrobe logo. Like the bows, they are handmade in England. The boxes are a piece of art within their own right.  There is an option to purchase them separately with our other bows in this collection.***

Out of all our Furdrobe VIP bows this is by far the most aspiration bow.  More often it has been associated with a piece of jewellery or sculpture rather than just a simple bow tie. Either way it is a real thing of beauty and a piece of art. 

Reserved for the most ostentatious celebrations or swanky events, where you don't want your dog to be overlooked. Perfect as an extravagant gift for the more confident and flamboyant canine characters. The Monarch really is a head-turner.

All of our products are designed and made exclusively by Furdrobe. Always hand-made with love by The Furdrobe Fairy Dog-Mother and her magical bow fairies. We only use the finest European crystals in all our creations.

Furdrobe, because we believe every pet deserves to sparkle.  

To find out more about our beautiful model Yoshi, please check him out on Instagram @mychis.