The Sakura VIP dog bow tie in gold

  • £600.00

The Sakura VIP in gold is created with a crystal pallete of around a dozen different crystals in colours and cuts. The darker ovals are actually a version of the white patina used on the ballgowns and limited edition organza bows. Oval stones feature heavily in this new collection.  Here we used the gold patina effect in oval sew-on Swarovski crystals in three different sizes. The gold patina is quite unique as it also comes across as black as well as the gold when the bow is tilted. Very similar to the way old mirrors age.  All the other round crystals are in the ever popular Aurora Borealis. The center of the bow has a seductive large oval rich fancy cut Swarovski Crystal in AB.

The gold silk comes across as a copper or rich red type of gold. It’s an 80% silk with gold thread as well as lilac. It’s one of our favorite silks of all time and we predict this will be the most popular colour this season. The gold shows off the gold patina crystals to their best. But we also do this VIP in the other three colours of our silk pallete, gold, purple, emerald green and hot pink. Also available In all the silk bows and bandanas, at more affordable prices, starting at £30 for a silk and Swarovski bandana. 

Furdrobe VIP bows are always created freely with no limitation on time nor expense.  VIP in this case standing for Very Important Pet. Our VIP bows are always made of the finest of all silks and very heavily bejeweled with authentic Swarovski Crystal elements. .They are collectibles in their own right as we only ever make them for a very limited edition. Even though the price tags are high they are very sought after indeed.  Our clients who purchase these understand the value is reflected in the variety of crystals and time taken to make these totally unique luxurious bows.

The Sakura VIP takes 10 hours to create and is made by hand.

If your dog loves to be spoilt rotten and enjoys dressing up this is the bow for them. Furdrobe VIP’s guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd no matter where you go. Many of our VIP customers get featured in newspapers, magazines, television, win competitions and are social media stars. Please check out our instagram media highlight for more information about our beautiful doggies. #furdrobe

All of our products are designed and made exclusively by Furdrobe. Always handmade with love by The Fairy DogMother and her magical bow fairies.  We can guarantee that every product contains a genuine Swarovski element, as we purchase our crystals through the official U.K Swarovski Wholesaler. 

This VIP is the standard Furdrobe medium size bow 15cm x 10cm (6” x 4”). We think it’s a great statement size for small dogs.  We also do a slightly smaller new version  VIP petite designed for the ladies. 12cm x 8cm (4.5” x 3”),




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