An Interview with the Bad Boy Maltese of Instagram - Ollie the Sock Thief.

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Ollie the Sock Thief is THE bad boy of Instagram! He has a super busy schedule so we are lucky enough to have nabbed him for a few minutes for a quick interview. Expect fireworks....

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a three year old maltese who is extremely hot and so good looking I sometimes break mirrors. I live in the USA in Jersey City, NJ. I like to eat, sleep and chase tail, not necessarily in that order. Well of course the eating part will always be #1. My perfect day consists of eating, begging mommy for treats and of course sleeping. Oh, sometimes I'll play wrestle with Aggie. 

2. You've always been a hit with the ladies, what do you put this down to? Looks, personality or both?

Oh yes, the ladies take to me like white on rice!! I'm charming, I'm super good looking and I know how to make the ladies feel soooooo good! LOL LOL.

3. How does it feel to be an Instagram star?

I don't consider myself an IG star. I just have a lot of followers who really love to see what I'll do and say next. I'm modest so I don't think I am a star. 

4. Have you always wanted to be an Instagram star? If you weren't busy being on Instagram what job would you have done instead?

Well I'm a sock thief first and foremost. The IG came about because I am the hottest, and most notorious thief around. Domestic and International. The ladies LOVE a bad boy!

5. Aggie is a big part of your Instagram world, but does she get jealous that you are the main star?

She is a Diva and a pain in my you know what. She tries to be a star but she can't quite make the cut. I wouldn't say she is jealous, she just likes to be the centre of attention!

6. What advice would you give to a dog who wanted to get an Instagram account?

My only advice is to take awesome pictures and engage with your followers a lot. Oh and it helps if you are hot and good looking like me!!

7. There are many rumours going around about your friendship with Furdrobe model, Molly. Can you set the story straight once and for all? Are you really just friends?

NOTHING IS, OR WILL EVER BE GOING ON WITH THAT DOG!!! Do I make myself clear, Ha ha ha! I mean it too.

Follow Ollie on Instagram here - you won't regret it...

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