A quick catch up with Bodie & Spanky's mum, Jane

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We have been delighted to meet so many new friends on Instagram - Bodie and Spanky are two very special pugs who live in the USA with their pawrents, Jane and Chris. We had a little chat with Jane to find out what it's like living with these lovely little characters. 

Bodie (left), Spanky (right)

How did you come about adopting Bodie and Spanky?

It had always been a dream of mine to own a pug!!!! My work made it difficult to own a dog but finally, 9 years ago, the time was right and we started to look at a local Pug Rescue website and fell in love with Bodie! Spanky followed 3 years later!

Why are you particularly drawn to Pugs?

They are such little comedians! Pugs love everybody and are perfect little packages of affection! I love their personalities and their faithfulness.

When you adopted Spanky he was 10 years old and blind - did you decide to specifically go for a senior dog or did you just see him and fall in love?

A little of both! For years before I could own a pug I had a cuddly toy one. It was so well travelled and old that the paint had come off its brown eyes and they were blue. We were looking at the rescue website and thinking about providing a home for an old, less likely to be adopted pug and saw Spanky! He had blue eyes like the stuffed toy so we had to meet him!

What’s a typical day in the life of Bodie and Spanky?

Bodie wakes up early, gets fed and then goes back to bed until Spanky wakes up (the then tries to tell us he wasn’t fed at all :-)

They go for a nice walk - Spanky in his stroller, then back home to chill for the rest of the day. They go for another walk in the evening. They don’t travel much these days but used to go on all kinds of fun trips!!!

Would you recommend adopting a senior dog?

Yes, yes and yes!!! There is something amazing about a dog that finds love again late in life! It’s magical!

Bodie and Spanky have big personalities! What is each one like?

Bodie is very chill. He’s not super active unless he visits the mountains! His inner retriever comes out and he charges around jumping logs and into creeks. He loves kids and all humans but gets grumpy with other dogs. He protects Spanky. He loves tummy rubs!

Spanky is quite excitable. He used to love to run with Chris! We don’t think he had run for years! He didn’t make a sound for 3 years but now talks a lot!! He is sweet and happy.

What are Bodie and Spanky’s favourite things to do?

Eat! And they used to love going on trips!! (It’s hard to travel with Spanky now)

Is there any advice you would give to someone looking to adopt a senior or blind dog?

Just to make sure it’s a commitment you are 100% invested in!

We love the hand-knitted scarves you make under the name of ‘Blind but Not’ and love the fact that the profits go to pug rescues. Where did this idea come from?

We were so grateful to the rescue we got the boys from that we wanted to pay it forward. I taught myself to knit from a YouTube Video and set about raising $1000 for Pug Rescue of Florida - well I just kept going and now we’ve raised more than $22,000!

Bodie and Spanky look so stylish on their Instagram account! Where do they get their fashion inspiration from?

They both like to think they are the George Clooney of Pugs - distinguished older gents. They love dressing up and looking dapper!!!!

Check out Jane's website, Blind but Not Blind here!

Follow Bodie and Spanky on Instagram here!

Jane and Spanky

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